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jessica Care moore
Black Women Rock
photo: Cy Angles Media

Been writing since I was 9 years old, went from editor of my HS newspaper to writing for tv news in college. Poetry became more of the focus after my daddy died in 1994. Wrote a poem for him and never stopped. Being a poet is a way of life more than a typical career.

Who were you inspired by starting out?
Ntozake Shange - her play, For Colored Girls was performed at my school when I was in 11th grade. Her voice rocked my world. Sonia Sanchez, Audre Lorde, Jayne Cortez, Amiri Baraka, Gil Scott Heron and more.

What do you wish someone had told you when you were just starting out?
You ARE Possible.

Favorite diversion:
YOGA, Romantic Comedies, Tea

Most treasured item:
Photos of my daddy.

Something people would be stunned to learn about you?
I've played baseball/softball my entire life, and I can shoot your lights out on a ball court ;)

Single most pivotal point in your career?
Winning Showtime At The Apollo 5x in a row on national television.

Time of day you are the most productive?
Early mornings, late nights. both.

Hardest thing for you:
My friends and family dying.

Unnatural fear of:

Favorite person in your field:
Sonia Sanchez (living) Amiri Baraka (deceased)

What the world needs more of:
LOVE for humanity over money.

Strongest inspiration comes from:
My people, my heart, my ancestors, my city, my craft, my story, my imagination.

Were there any fears you had to overcome to get to where you are today?
Being able to raise my son on poems as a single mom.

jessica Care moor, Steffanie Chrisi'an

jessica Care moore, Steffanie Christi'an
photo: Shawn Lee (scorpio square)

What do you want people to know about you or your business?
I'm an institution and I am not inspired by money. I want to inspire, change lives, build legacy.

What are you working on now?
My 7th book, NO DEAD G.O.A.T.S., a young adult novel in verse, raising money to produce Black WOMEN Rock! in Atlanta and Detroit for our 20th anniversary and curating pop up events this summers before the fall concert. My Rock Project, We Are Scorpio with my sister Steffanie Christ'ian drops in June, and I am in the last stages of post on my feature film, He Looked Like a Postcard and excited about a premiere this year!! I am also working hard on myself, working out several times a week. My 501c3, The Moore Art House will be begin literacy through the arts programming this summer that I am very excited about. Very busy with my son who is a senior preparing for college in the fall!! That's already enough work!!

How can we find you (Social media or website)?
Instagram is best: @jessicacaremoor

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